Why Cloud Orchestration is the need of the hour

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The TV is a great stress-buster. After a tiring day’s work all we want to do is curl up on our sofa, with a mug of steaming hot chocolate and the remote in our hands. But it’s only then that we realize that we can’t watch our favorite reality show – our set-top box based channel subscription expired!

That said, the set-top-box is a boon. It helps us regulate what channels we are willing to pay to watch, the kids’ cartoon pack, dad’s news channel and mom’s spiritual channels pack, etc. This way, we don’t spend money on channels we do not intend to watch. Also, it provides safety features so that children can access only specific channels.

Incredibly useful, isn’t it?

So is cloud orchestration.

A cloud sprawl is probably every CIO’s nightmare. Hundreds of workloads, of virtual machines and applications running unchecked, and thousands of dollars going down the drains, because someone forgot to terminate the resources once the project ended. And that’s where cloud orchestrations fits in. It hands the business the reigns and allows it to automate, control and govern, while providing choice, agility and capability to the end-user.

Businesses across the world are adopting cloud orchestration to speeden up their infrastructure deployment and provisioning, reduce costs with efficient chargeback and ensure that their staff are working on more strategic initiatives, letting machines handle everyday activities.  In fat, as per an Intel survey, 30% respondents had already implemented cloud orchestration and 51% were planning to use it within the next 12 months. A Markets and Markets report states that the cloud orchestration market is expected to reach USD 14 billion in 2021, owing to growing demand among businesses.

Myriad benefits that cloud orchestration offers

Here are a few ways in which cloud orchestration helps businesses make the most of cloud.

 Orchestration > Automation

Unlike automation, where only individual tasks can be made to run automatically, for example, scheduled backup, orchestration acts as the integrator of automations. Multiple tasks can be bundled and run, for example, setting up a test environment, with automatic provisioning of virtual machines.

 Improved visibility and control

A unified dashboard provides a single pane view of the cloud resources and thus ensures visibility. Also, past and current usage statistics are visible, which helps forecast future usage. Centralized management of access, security and resource policies ensures that the cloud ecosystem is in your control.

 Self-service capability

End-users are provided the facility to select workloads consisting of applications and VMs of different flavors, that match their functional requirements. This marketplace-type setup makes it easier to provision and approve cloud resources.

 Orchestrated recovery and remediation

Simple issues that don’t require human intervention are solved with automated, event-driven remediation. For example, when disk is out of space and needs clean up, a support engineer is not required, the cloud system can automatically handle this situation.

 Efficient cost management

An efficient cloud orchestration solution enables businesses to improve cost governance with automating metering and chargebacks. This helps in tying back costs to specific teams, hencing promoting economic usage of resources.

 Reduced errors

Orchestration helps create predictable processes, thereby reducing chances of errors. This set of predictable processes can be automated. Thus, orchestration improves consistency and increases reliability across IT.

CoreStack is a leading cloud orchestration platforms that helps businesses maximize the potential of their hybrid/multi cloud operations. CoreStack offers granular control and management features that helps administrators effectively handle cloud and helps end-users such as developers to swiftly provision and use virtual resources that best meet project requirements.


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