Everything we do at CoreStack is centered around a common theme: ‘How can we empower our customers to be more successful in their digital transformation efforts?’. ‘How can we eliminate waste – costs, waiting time, effort, infrastructure, penalties – continually and iteratively, particularly in the Cloud arena?’

To help ourselves in this endeavor, we are always keen to learn about the anticipated industry and technology trends. We travel all over the world to participate in world-leading conferences to meet customers, partners, and subject matter experts. Microsoft Inspire is one such conference which serves our appetite very well. Microsoft Inspire is a conference held annually by Microsoft for its partners. At Inspire, we not only learn about Microsoft’s technology roadmap, but also get an excellent opportunity to network and build new connections, and share best practices. We always come back feeling rich with ideas, enthusiasm, and new business opportunities.

This year the key announcements have been around Cloud and AI:

Azure Lighthouse – Empowers managed service provider partners to administer multiple customer projects from a single view with more automation and governance

Azure Migration Program – Take advantage of the proven Microsoft cloud adoption methodologies, tools, and best practices, to simplify and accelerate Azure cloud migration

Azure AI accelerate – For partners to bring their AI-driven solutions faster to market

Dynamics 365 AI – Added new AI capabilities to improve Sales productivity

What also caught our attention was the anticipated impact of digital transformation across industries:

  • In Healthcare, by 2020, on average 1 GB of health-related data per person will be created daily
  • In Manufacturing, by 2025, 71% of the tasks will be done by machines as compared to 29% today
  • 86% of Automotive consumers would switch vehicles to get some form of advanced driver-assistance system
  • 78% of Retail customers think that personally relevant content will increase their intent to purchase
  • In Media and communication, 25% of customers will switch providers after one bad experience
  • 7 million federal hours can be saved annually by leveraging AI and Automation

Cloud is at the core of all this technology-enabled transformation. Leading Cloud providers are continually launching powerful services which empower organizations to build innovative solutions. However, there are few critical questions which you should ponder upon as you navigate this digital transformation journey.

  1. Do you have enough visibility and control, which was so easy in the age of traditional on-premise infrastructure?
  2. Have you crossed the tipping point, where monitoring IT operations is beyond the human capacity?
  3. How can you continuously deliver fast-paced innovation at scale?
  4. How to empower business users with self-service tools while the IT complexity is constantly rising?

The cost of a lurking digital risk is high. But, the opportunity cost of not harnessing digital technologies is limitless. To march forward fearlessly, you need strategic technology partners, who can serve as a guiding light tower while you focus on what matters the most – Your customers!

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