Market Trends Show Multi Cloud Gaining Steam

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Last week, we heard the news that RightScale, one of the early multi cloud vendors, got acquired by Flexera. Recently, we also saw VMware acquiring CloudHealth Technologies, Nutanix acquiring Minjar and Cisco acquiring At CoreStack, we are very happy for the companies that got acquired and we take this opportunity to wish them luck. We are also pleased that these acquisitions validate our belief in the future of multi cloud. These acquisitions are indicative of a trend that multi cloud strategy is fast gaining traction in the enterprises and they need the right set of tools to maximise the ROI. These acquisitions are just the beginning and, as the enterprise cloud adoption grows further, we will be seeing more consolidation in the space.

Why it matters?

It is becoming more and more evident that developers are driving the multi cloud adoption. IT leaders realise that they need to provide the right set of cloud services for their developers even if it is from different cloud providers. In their efforts to be agile, developers want to use the right set of services that match their application needs. If IT fail to deliver these services, they sign up directly with the cloud providers. In the modern enterprise, lack of support for multi cloud from IT departments leads to shadow IT. While IT departments are tasked with a mandate to empower developers, they are also responsible for taming the complexity and ensuring governance.

There are several factors that underlie multi cloud adoption and the acquisitions in recent months indicate that larger vendors are understanding this reality and are trying to bolster their portfolio to support this reality. The key factors that drive a successful multi cloud strategy include seamless orchestration, managing the costs, observability, security and governance. Some of these recent acquisitions solve parts of this bigger puzzle and large vendors are trying to fill the gaps in their portfolio with smart acquisitions.

The power of CoreStack platform

CoreStack has an unique approach in solving multi cloud challenges. We understand that a powerful multi cloud platform should enable not just the Day 1 operations but it should also support Day 2 operations. CoreStack provides an easy way to consume any service from any cloud provider using the Cloud-as-Code as the underlying fabric. Also it helps IT departments manage Day 2 operations like cost management, cloud observability, security and governance. It helps IT simplify the Day 2 complexity by bringing together the entire multi cloud lifecycle into a single pane of glass. Thus making it easy to enforce governance across different cloud providers. If these Day 2 tasks are done with a patchwork of tools, IT will soon devolve into one crisis mode to another, defeating the very idea behind IT modernisation. At CoreStack, we understand that machine learning and artificial intelligence can help achieve efficiencies better than traditional approaches. CoreStack leverages machine learning to augment the traditional rules-based approach so that enterprise IT can proactively manage costs, security and governance.

We strongly feel that the recent trends highlight that we are already solving the exact pain points which the IT organisations are facing in their Day 2 operations. With our continued R&D investments, we are confident that CoreStack Platform will evolve to be even more powerful in simplifying multi cloud challenges. Check out our demo and see why we are excited about the market trends that are shaping the multi cloud future.

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