Machine Learning is disrupting the consumer and IT landscape rapidly, changing the way cloud services are consumed and managed. Whether it is consumer facing apps, or the services used by enterprise IT in their daily operations, machine learning is primed to play an important role. With its growing importance in enterprise IT, it is important to understand how machine learning applies in this context and pick the right tool for your organization’s needs.

Why machine learning is a good fit for IT?

The role of machine learning in IT is still in early stages and we are just scratching the surface. In this section, we will identify some reasons why it is a good fit for IT.

  • IT teams operate in silos and they work with data collected in silos. This leads to suboptimal use of data without an end to end visibility. When these data are brought together, using machine learning will help IT operations act more proactively than responding to an event
  • Many times, IT operates in dark with many unknowns. With the consolidation of data from multiple teams, applying this upcoming technology helps them better understand what is happening in their systems and take remedial actions
  • One of the biggest pain points for IT is resource wastage because their forecasting is limited by certain historical trends. By taking a holistic look at all the data, these systems can forecast better, saving a lot of money
  • Lack of visibility has an impact on the IT governance. Having a single pane of glass for IT operators may solve part of the problem but it may still have some blind spots. Machine learning can help remove these blind spots and provide a better governance structure
  • With so many teams across multiple functions, root cause analysis is always troublesome and time consuming. Machine learning can help here too

Machine learning offers tremendous promise to break down the silos and take advantage of the underlying data to make operations efficient and enable a seamless collaboration among different stakeholders. It has the potential to remove mundane tasks from IT operation specialists, give better insights into the functioning of distributed systems and help make better forecasting that allows organizations to realize high ROI. CoreStack believes strongly in the potential of machine learning and, in the next few posts, we will talk about how we can empower enterprise IT with our CoreStack platform.

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