How CoreStack Empowers CIOs to Achieve their Goals

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With rapid advancements in technology and its impact on businesses, the role of the CIO is changing. Today’s CIO is tasked with navigating in a landscape of shifting goalposts. It is no longer just about reengineering—the CIO has to leverage data and open up new revenue streams for the organization.

CoreStack, a cloud orchestration platform, enables CIOs to get more from their cloud setup. It enables optimal consumption and governance of cloud resources to reduce costs, increase productivity and visibility, and provide more control over budget, operations, security and compliance. ­

Here’s how CoreStack helps CIO’s achieve their top priorities:

Replaces Inefficient Processes with Agile Solutions

According to the Gartner 2017 CIO Survey, 17% of CIOs consider digital transformation to be their top business objective. Digital transformation eliminates redundant manual processes and replaces them with automated, agile solutions. CoreStack empowers you, as a CIO, to lead the digital transformation in your company through agile consumption and governance of multi-cloud resources.

Monitor and Leverage Actionable Data

Data is key to understanding cloud usage. Actively monitoring data ensures that your cloud is secure and ready to thwart any threats in the foreseeable future. CoreStack’s unified dashboards show actionable insights that allow CIOs to make informed decisions when combating risks or supervising capacity planning.

Accelerate Development

In today’s world, innovation needs to move fast in order to deliver a product before the competition. CoreStack’s Self Service portal speeds up development and improves productivity by 30%, streamlining the workload provisioning approval process and reducing time and effort.

Cut Through the Red Tape

CoreStack’s Self Service Portal provides your developers the gift of agility. Pre-bundled workloads are readily available for quick selection, customization and approval by developers, ripping the proverbial red tape off processes and approvals.

Secure Your Cloud Data

The Gartner Survey finds that 95% of CIOs expect security threats to increase and impact their organizations. Given today’s cybersecurity risks, it is vital to secure cloud data. CoreStack offers advanced security features like SSO and RBAC (Role Based Access Control) to ensure your cloud is a digital fortress. CoreStack’s auto remediation feature detects and responds to threats, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Effectively Govern Your Multi-Cloud Environment

With CoreStack, you can enjoy the benefits of multiple best-in-class cloud technologies while avoiding vendor lock-in. Easily manage disparate environments, keep a check on consumption and enforce governance with a single tool.

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