Why Enterprise IT should Care About Cloud Governance

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Of all the conversations around cloud computing and IT stack modernization, the one thing that is either missing out completely or limited in these discussions is about governance. Cloud computing itself completely alters the idea of governance from the traditional enterprise world, due to the ease of service consumption and its pricing model. Even some of the discussions around governance focuses mainly on the security and regulatory considerations. These are important from the governance point of view but we need to look beyond security when it comes to cloud governance. As enterprises transition from one cloud provider to a multi cloud consumption model, the importance of governance increases several fold.

By bringing self service and consumption based pricing model, cloud has lowered the barrier for consuming various IT services and this poses a significant problem for enterprise IT. They need to worry about resource usage, resource wastage, cost, access issues, etc. They also need to think about data privacy, security and other regulatory issues. Cloud providers offer some tools that can help enterprise IT effectively manage the governance but it is not enough. They need to go beyond cloud provider tools to other governance-focused tools, processes that make approvals critical but also seamless, along with a mindset that is focused on enablement, while keeping control. This is the case with a single cloud provider and it only gets more complex as organizations use more than one provider.

With multi cloud, there are various issues that becomes the focal point of enterprise IT:

  • Perimeter spans multiple providers
  • Lack of standardization on service interface
  • Lack of standardization on costs
  • Diverse set of services
  • Security across providers
  • Compliance by different providers

Multi cloud brings in many challenges along with governance but it offers some key advantages for enterprise IT which forces them to find the right platform to mitigate these challenges.  Cloud governance is not easy and multi cloud governance is even more difficult. This puts the onus on enterprise IT to understand the challenges and understand the factors they should consider (a topic for future post) as they roll out their multi cloud strategy.

The multi cloud governance should span resource utilization, access, cost control and management along with traditional governance considerations like security and regulatory control. In a blog post coming out soon, we will talk about the factors enterprise IT should take into consideration for multi cloud governance.

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