Cloud Service Brokerage, Opportunities and Challenges ahead:

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World_map_pics-3Cloud Service Broker acts as a mediator between the customer and the service provider by bringing multiple cloud providers, making the services offered by various providers available on a unified brokerage platform.

During the early phases of CSB’s, the focus was mainly on the following areas:

1.Cloud Service Intermediation

CSB’s provide intermediation between various consumer focused service providers in terms of identity and access management, pricing and billing.

2. Cloud Service Aggregation

Aggregation is more targeted towards commoditization of various individual services and combining one more such services to offer a new aggregated service.

3. Cloud Service Arbitrage

Service arbitrage has two aspects, the first one is customer centric which gives the flexibility to move cloud services across providers.

The second one is mainly provider centric where various providers can leverage the unused real estate of some other providers in case of a drastic increase in demand without any delay in fulfillment and changing the customer experience.

With the exponential growth in cloud adoption, hybrid cloud approach seems to be the way to embrace cloud and associated technologies. Hence the Cloud Service Brokerage cannot be just the service aggregator and intermediators any more.

Enterprises are now focusing on the Hybrid IT solutions to take a cautious approach on the cloud adoption roadmap. Which would require the CSB’s to enable the IT management activities from a single platform while connecting with the in-house IT at some point.

This opens up new opportunities in service integration space for CSB’s. However the key to success will depend on how generic and reusable the integration platforms can be.As per the recent ReportsnReports forecast the Cloud Brokerage Service is going to grow at CAGR 45.90% until 2018. However there is a paradigm shift on the expectations for Cloud Brokerage Services offerings.

The CSB’s should be able to provide a unified delivery across the providers for the entire spectrum of cloud offerings like IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, BPaaS.

There is an increasing need to fulfill the traditional Management Services capabilities on complex Hybrid cloud implementations. With increasing adoption to cloud the gap between Managed Services Platform and Cloud Service Brokerage Platform is diminishing rapidly.

It will be interesting to see how the Service Integrators such as Cloud Enablers can take advantage of this opportunity to provide portfolio of Integration Brokerage Services.

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