5 ways universities can cut costs with cloud management

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Universities under constant pressure to reduce costs and meet budgets are continuously looking for appropriate corners to cut. In this post, we explore 5 practical features of an effective cloud management platform, such as CoreStack, that can impact cost efficiency for your university:


  1. Scheduling Lab Provisioning (start and stop)

Our automatic scheduling feature helps by allocating virtual resources for a specific time period. For example, a test environment may be created for specific dates you need, i.e. 01 Feb 2018 to 31 Mar 2018. By utilizing this lab provisioning feature, you will purchase resources only for the time period required, and not lose money on unused time. Cost is incurred only when the VM is actively utilized.


  1. Auto Termination of Lab When Course is Completed

You’ll never have to worry about manually ending a lab. With the settings listed in the above example, the lab environment would automatically conclude on the chosen date of 31 Mar 2018. At that time, the contents from the lab would be wiped. In many universities, unutilized environments are left running which can incur huge, albeit avoidable, costs. Auto termination upon expiry addresses this issue.


  1. Auto Shutdown of Lab When Not in Use

This valuable feature shuts down labs when not in use, thereby lowering usage costs. Auto shutdown of virtual machines is similar to the sleep feature on personal computers. When you log into the lab again, your data will still be intact. This feature is a more flexible alternative to an auto termination where data is wiped out at the conclusion of the session.


  1. Rightsizing

It can be difficult to ascertain the correct size for your virtual lab. Overestimating can lead to under utilization and higher cost, while underestimating can mean a lack of resource. The latter can be particularly critical during large data processing or high usage where need for compute resources is high. Our cloud management platform works to right size resources, thereby leading to greater return on investment.


  1. Cloud Auto scaling

Auto scaling allows your platform to flex, meaning you can gracefully increase or decrease application loads without negative effect on the user experience. Our cloud management software intuitively adjusts to demand and reduces your cost when the need for resources is lower.

Why pay additional costs for unused time or overly inflated estimations of need in the cloud? Effective cloud management should be easy and intuitive, recognizing the fluctuation of your requirements in real time.

For more information about cloud management or CoreStack CLaaS, please visit http://www.corestack.io/corestack-claas 


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